img_6312Play Therapy

Play therapy is a developmentally appropriate and therapeutic way to work with children ages 2 and up. By playing a child is able to communicate their needs, wants, feelings and experiences. Children are able to use play as a modality to better explain themselves and their struggles which are often difficult to articulate. By creating a safe relationship between the therapist and client the child is free to express themselves in a wide range of emotions.


Sandtray Therapy

Sandtray is a  form of expressive therapy that can be used with all ages.  Often it is difficult to put into words with ideas or things people are struggling with, creating each individual’s world in the sand helps to both better visualize and understand those dilemmas. Each person is able to create their own microcosm using miniatures and sand.  What is created is the reflection of a person’s life and experiences giving you the opportunity to resolve conflicts and gain self acceptance.


Individual Counseling

Counseling for adolescents and adults is provided by each counselor one on one. For teens the parents or caregivers are involved to help the teen at home as well. For adults the counselor will work to best meet each individual’s needs. Check out the Counselors tab to see each counselor’s approach and background.


Group Counseling

Group counseling is provided based on need. Some groups that are provided are parenting groups, group play therapy, psycho-educational, support groups for teens and adults.


Child-Parent Relationship Training

This training is provided both in a group setting and an individual format. The training lasts for 10 weeks, meeting once a week. Child-Parent Relationship Training (CPRT) provides parents and caregivers the opportunity to learn play therapy techniques in order to help build the relationship with their children. Along with better understanding their children, parents will be able to have the support and knowledge needed to better the family dynamic at home.


Couples Counseling

Couples counseling and marriage counseling allows couples the change to communicate more effectively, problem solve, create trust, and meet goals within each relationship. The focus for couples counseling is the relationship, however self-improvement and self-awareness may occur for each partner.


Family Therapy

Family therapy  focuses on the dynamics that occur within each family system.  This form of therapy includes every member that makes up the core family.  It is used to improve interpersonal communication and resolve conflicts.  Within this setting a family will be able to process life changes or struggles that arise as a cohesive unit.